Facebook vs Blogs & Forums: awaiting the revenge….

We have just read THE STATE OF CORPORATE SOCIAL MEDIA 2014 report by Nick Johnson (founder of Useful Social Media), in which he analyses a survey sent annually to more than 500 online marketing specialists all over the world. We recommend the report for its clarity and conclusions.

We found it really interesting to comment on one particular aspect: the use of blogs as a social network for online Marketing strategy.

Figures from: THE STATE OF CORPORATE SOCIAL MEDIA 2014, Useful Social Media

The majority of companies use Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin as the main tool for communication. It makes sense from a head of marketing’s point of view, as it is where the target public can be mainly found. This is why 95% of the survey respondents thinks they are the most useful social networks.

What is surprising that only 3% of them considers Blogs as a useful social network for marketing. As main browsers are looking for quality content for positioning, this data is quite shocking.

There are important reasons why companies create a Blog and the benefits of it are countless.

  1. One of them is obvious nowadays and it’s the improvement of positioning of the webpage, achieving a higher traffic to it.
  2. Another much more qualitative is to earn a Reputation. When a Brand decides to offer information of interest to its public and concentrates on it, public tend to see the brand as an expert in the field. Without a doubt this generation of audience loyal to your commentaries will impact the sales.
  3. Furthermore, an important factor to notice if we compare Blog and Social networks is the transfer or amplification. When a Community Manager post something in Facebook or Twitter a link to an interesting post, we can say that the reach of the community manager and the author’s multiplicates. Few time we will see the opposite. The amplification of a content is bigger in a Blog by the fact it can get viral through the other social networks, and not the opposite.

The question many managers ask themselves is how to measure the return in that investment? The process is too expensive, complex and uncertain.

In social networks like Facebook or Twitter or Linkedin the metrics for the results are much less complex, as the platforms themselves offer the metrics easy to explain. But how do you measure the reach of a Blog? How do you measure engagement of these visits to your Blog or articles you write in others’ Blog?

This can be a reason why managers decline the investment in quality contents in interesting blogs and choose campaign on Facebook. This investment is much easier to justify when you don’t have adequate measuring tools.

This has changed, monitoring tools like Websays allow you to monitor the whole web and everything said about a brand, product or person, offering metrics to measure ROI of those actions in Blogs thanks to the knowledge of impact and economic value of it, whether it is on corporate channels or outside them.

And not only that, but Websays tool allows the conversion of all those data into social content for Blogs too!

Hugo Zaragoza & Isabel Uceda

Source: THE STATE OF CORPORATE SOCIAL MEDIA 2014 report by Nick Johnson (founder of Useful Social Media)

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